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Embedded in the nature of secrets is the difficulty of doing expressive work about them. What one wishes to expose must still be secreted in order to retain the concept. The Secrets series is made of cast plaster with embedded glass windows and a progressive series of cave-like openings.  Over the course of a year, the oils were painted and scraped away, the plaster carved and scratched into, repainted and written upon in a layered palimpsest, leaving a trace of each layer in the process. These combine with paper and metal constructions and flame painted clay rocks and sticks at different depths in the pieces. How much or how little to expose is at issue here.

Doorways, passages and ritual places are the other themes in this work.  Oils painted on found wooden boxes and on plaster combine with clay elements reflecting human presence or passage, with an archeological reference. Coming at a time of mid-life, when changes lie beyond metaphorical doors, and impermanence is an artistic and psychic issue, I am attempting to create spaces for change and contemplation. I hope they will draw me through to the next phase of my work life. I hope too that they will speak about issues of loss and passage and self-definition.




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