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From tea and tears, cairns of stones, to ritual places and passages, the work flows from one series into another. This body of work is about this flow, in which the next piece grows out of the last and time in the studio is transformed into work as meditation. When the materials: clay, fire, plaster, oil paints, digital images trigger ideas based on their unique properties and processes, the essence of the work develops.  I developed some of these pieces as stage sets and dream spaces for the cast of clay stones, bones, ladders, heads, teapots, cups, vying for roles as they gathered on my studio tables.

Offerings was shown at Left Bank Gallery in 2001. The new assembled pieces in this show included piling of stones in cairns. At the time I often went to Duck Harbor to leave a stone at the site of a friend's ashes. The tradition of leaving a stone at a gravesite is an old one. We leave a stone to note that we were there, that we remember. I am interested in the cultural variations in the traditions of mourning.



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