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Flame Painted Vessels

Flame Painted Ceramics - statement

"What comes out of the kiln, although a direct result of what goes in, is always a mystery. It is this painting with fire that brings the work to life. By setting the circumstances for accidents and responding to the information revealed through the process, I have developed some control and refinement of the surface possibilities.Still the fire surprises, amazes and repeatedly teaches me to leave expectations behind. It is this relationship with fire that inspires me as I “paint” each piece with this palette of sawdust and straw, setting the circumstances for a wash of smoke and flame to paint the final coat. I hope for results that express the random beauty of nature. unpredictable and always new."

Judith Motzkin, ceramist and fine artist, creates classical yet sensual, simple yet complex forms that are polished to the smoothness of river stone.
Many of her vessels possess woven components connecting their inner space with the outside The distinctive shine of of Motzkin's pots is a result of careful burnishing as  the piece is being finished, yet still damp. Once dry, terra sigillata is applied to surface. Terra sigillata is a suspension of the finest particles of clay; liquid silk. The application is repeated several times polishing between coats until the desired.
"There is no glaze on these pieces. The color comes from the burning of combustibles, some of which have been soaked in mineral solutions,
nested with the piece. I call this flame painting. The volatized materials leave their marks in the surface."



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